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College Thesis: a Guide for Beginners

Graduation is coming but you have to finish it on time to enjoy the event with your friends. Being a beginner and unfamiliarity with academic writing, you may not able to made progress in writing your thesis. It is a challenging task to write about a topic more than 40 pages but you can accomplish it if you know its importance in industry and academics.

Some people avoid choosing thesis in college because they underestimate its significance and considered it wastage of pages. However, it is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your research and writing skills. It is a golden chance for someone who loves to read and do thorough research on a topic.

Defining thesis at college level

You might have heard of thesis at master and PhD level and think of same but there is slightly difference between them. Let’s define thesis at college level.

Thesis is a requirement for last year students who are about to graduate. They are given liberty to choose any topic they want to research about and study extensively in detail. They are assigned under an experience supervisor who guide and discuss with them to omit unnecessary information. After completing the thesis, finalized draft is send to the head of department for evaluation.

You need to choose topic of your choice. Explore field that intrigue you to research and read more articles on it. The topic should be current issue, innovative and interesting to keep your reader engage in reading your document.

What to prefer: thesis writing or field work?

All college do not offer thesis to students instead they are given option whether they want to do research on a topic in form of thesis or want to experience field work related to their subject. Most of the students opt field work option to secure themselves of tedious thesis writing work. But thesis holds more value industrially and will be able to finish degree in one year otherwise the requirement of field work is of more than 1 year and takes more time if you don’t find any. Nor enforcing opinions on someone, you have to decide yourself what is best for you. The choice is yours finally.

Few examples of thesis ideas for college

If you have made-up mind to opt thesis at college level, then don’t waste your time looking for topics, instead here are some ideas that will be perfect for your college thesis:

  1. Factors that boost communication among friends, family, and colleagues.
  2. Is suicide related to abusive video games?
  3. How learning different language effect your personality.
  4. Connection of marriage with job satisfaction.
  5. Relation of obesity with junk diet food
  6. Playing sports in terms of social and ethical circle
  7. Does use of social media make people anti-social?
  8. Role of alcohol in aggravating diseases.
  9. Does beauty play role in self-esteem of young girls?
  10. Influence of changing residents on depression.


Does these overwhelming topics are too much for you? Well, don’t get afraid as these are just examples. You can also search topic by yourself based on your interest. Once you decided to work on thesis, keep the simple rule in mind; read and write. To write a good thesis, you need to have vast knowledge background related to your field so that you squeeze important information from your pool of knowledge and transform it into good thesis. You don’t need to have prior experience in academic writing, all you need is devotion and dedication to submit it on time and achieve good grades.